ARIE 2020 is last calling for Chinese and abroad artists, curators, researchers to apply for a one to three months residency at the A4 Art Museum (DEADLINE 15th Marth, 2020). We provide a round-trip plane ticket, accommodations, studio, material fees, different kinds of salons and sharing sessions and other opportunities; selected artists will be equipped with a program assistant and be professionally supported by the staff of the museum. Throughout the residence, artists will have the opportunities to attend assorted activities and put on a final exhibition to end this unique residency program that helps artists dive into the local social fabrics and urban spaces.

In the meanwhile, starting from 2019, A4 International Artists’ Residency Program will put emphasis on the sphere of public art, such as land art, outdoor sculptures, installations, communal art and so on. In addition to the program’s customary support, selected artists can, according to the proposal, obtain extra budget and the chance to install the final work in the public area of LuxeLake.

We are pleased to announce that 23 groups of artists and researchers now participate in the 2019 A4 Artist-in-Residence International Exchange Project! They will work in Chengdu, Yokohama, Bangkok, Paris and Switzerland during eight months, so as to engage in the local community and urban streets, collaborate with artists, curators, residents from different institutions, regions and countries and bring a site-specific, live and creative scene along with different residency experience. The artists of the Chengdu project also may have the opportunity to get extra budget for a permanent work in the public area of LUXELAKES.


1.Akihito Okunaka(Japan)
2.内海昭子Akiko Utsumi(Japan)
*Supported by:Koganecho Area Management Center
4.Elpida Hadzi- Vesileva(Britain)
5.Heidundgriess (Alexandra Grieß and Jorel Heid)( Germany)
6.Israel Hadany(Israel)
7.Jarek Lustych(Poland)
8.Kamila Szejnoch(Poland)
9.Karen Paulina Biswell(Columbia/France)
* Supported by:Services de Coopération et d’ Action Culturelle – Institut français de Chine
10.Karolina Halatek( Poland)
11.Ken’ichiro and Ayako Taniguchi(Germany)
12.Krišs Salmanis(Latvia)
13.Mikio Saito(Japan)
14.吉野もも Momo Yoshino(Japan)
*Supported by:Koganecho Area Management Center
15.Pascal Brateau(Germany)
16.Scott Townsend(America)
17.麻生祥子Shoko Aso(Japan)
18.Vladimir Abikh(Russia)
19.Xiyu Tomorrow:
*Supported by:Goethe-Institut China


20.Ge Yulu(China)
*Supported by:TENTACLES


21.Cao Shu(China)
*Supported by:Koganecho Area Management Center


22.Feng Li(China)
*Supported by: Services de Coopération et d’Action Culturelle – Institut français de Chine and Cité Internationale des Arts


23. Zhang Jin(China)
* Artist-in-Residence in the Verzasca Valley 2019, Supported by: Pro Helvetia Shanghai, Swiss Arts Council

Thanks for your attention!

Since the project was formally initiated in April 2011, the LUXELAKES·A4 Art Museum’s Artist in Residence International Exchange Program (ARIE) has given many artists, curators, and designers from China and abroad the opportunity to interact with one another. It has also encouraged innovative artists and artist groups engaging with fresh ideas and unique artistic research to carry out participatory projects that intervene in the community or city. The residency’s focus on local production, exchange, and exhibition strengthen cultural exchange and academic dialogue between the artists and their surroundings. Based in the local community and the city, the LUXELAKES·A4 Art Museum provides effective and professional scholarly support and coordinates a rich array of events and experiences during the residency, making it possible for participants to expand, diversify, and deepen their artistic practices.

In 2019, the LUXELAKES·A4 Art Museum welcomed the construction of the international artist-in-residence base and the ability to use more of the surrounding public spaces and outdoor areas. The program has expanded from the base into artist exhibitions, public art programs, cultural events, regional interactions, and sites of coexistence, thereby establishing broad interaction and cooperation with surrounding neighborhoods and businesses and connecting different groups and institutions. In this way, the LUXELAKES·A4 Art Museum has created a culture and art program focused on communication and interaction with the public, set against the cultural forms and structures of a new city area, and working in experimental and specialized ways.

At present, the ARIE Program is divided into four distinct sections: invitational residencies, two-way city residency exchanges, open applications for international and domestic artists, and residencies specifically for public art projects. The ARIE residencies are concentrated between May and the following January, and the program can accommodate 10-11 artists at a time. The ARIE Program space is located in the LUXELAKES Eco-City, which is home to twelve independent artist studios, two public event areas, and one 1230-square-meter exhibition space. There are also eleven apartments in the city for resident artists to use.


Chengdu is a unique city. The art here is different from that of Beijing, Shanghai or Guangzhou. There are not so many museums, galleries or other kinds of organizations. From the point of view of average people, there are a lot of barriers in terms of awareness and understanding contemporary art. However, Chengdu is a place which is closely bound to art with a longstanding history of culture, possessing a huge number of artists and a unique environment of artistic creation.

In terms of the A4 residency project the important part is to participate in local events and exchanges, not to only confine yourself to your own art. At the same time, the work of A4 is not limited to the city; we also cast our sights on greater China, Asia and the world in terms of the projects which are initiating and promoting.

Eligible Applicants

The program mainly targets at artists or art groups with over 3 years of experience in art creation or curation, who have independent ideas and have breakthrough practices in their fields. Artists or curators should mainly come from the field of contemporary art, with no limitation on the media used for creation. flexible program by program. Please confirm with each program.

Application Process

Applicants should provide their latest CVs in English, collections of representative work with picture and description, the program plan for residence, the program application form and other materials.

(1) The latest CV in English and ensure all information in the CV is accurate.

(2) Personal photo, about 1M in size.

(3) Collection of representative work should reflect the artistic quality and can fully represent the personal style of the artist. The size of easel painting picture and similar art works should be of the same viewing quality, about 1M in size and named in the standard order (name of the artist, name of the work, category/ material, size, and year). Music and similar works should provide MP3 document or website link; performance art and installation work should provide image information and descriptions with the quality of the picture and format same as described above. Work of other types can use supporting materials accordingly. All materials should be in English.

(4) Program plan during residence is a preliminary draft of art creation plan made by the artist; it may include an overall plan of the residence and requirements during the implementation of that plan such as material, space and people. Applicants can make specific creation plans for specific programs. The plan should be in English.

(5) The Residence Application Form is the major application document. Please download and fill it up. The form should be completed in English. Please download as follow:

Upon completion, please send it to Luxelakes•A4 Art Museum official email at: with the title as: A4 Artist in Residence International Exchange Program.


The museum was designed by American architect Antoine Predock and interior design firm DesignARC. In order to provide a diverse range of services to visitors, the museum includes a children’s education center, a public library, a lecture hall, a multimedia presentation center, artist residency studios, a museum store, and a cafe. About accommodation, now we can accept 3 artists work in A4 at the same time, they can share a living room to communicate in the apartment and also have an independent room to live.

Residence Program Introduction:

1. Place: Chengdu

2. Organizer:LUXELAKES•A4 Art Museum

3. Duration: from 1 to 3 months, the newest plan: from May to December, 2020

4. Number of artists in residence: 10-25 artists/groups in 2019

5. Qualification of Applicants: Artists, curators, researchers from China and abroad

6. Application procedure: Applicants should provide all information and send to us

7. Selection mechanism: by the review group

8. Allowance:
(1) Flight(Return tickets): Exact amount is subject to the annual budget of that year
(2) Workshop and relevant facilities (not including laptop and electronic devices): LUXELAKES•A4 Art Museum
(3) Accommodation (Rent of the accommodation): LUXELAKES•A4 Art Museum
(4) CNY10000

9. Artist self-payment:
Living expenses, visa fees, personal expenses, and successful eligible artist need provide the invoicing of travel insurance in the residency period.

10. Artist contribution scheme and other activities:
Participators will have the opportunities of open workshop, academic discussion, Salon talk, other educational exchange activities, and the final exhibition.

11. Environment: urban

12. Languages: English/Chinese

Program Fees

The A4 residency program is an important project under the umbrella of the academic/curatorial department of A4. The A4 art museum is a non-profit, private museum registered under Chinese law. The residency is funded by the sponsors of the museum.

At the moment, we provide a round-trip plane ticket, accommodations, studio, material fees, different kinds of salons and sharing sessions and other opportunities; the specifics are determined by the project of the artist and the yearly schedule of projects and events of the museum. In terms of the expenses which are covered by the artist, these change from year to year.

Additional Information

During the residence, participating artists should regularly provide materials to LUXELAKES•A4 Art Museum for media release. The artist will have meetings and discuss the process and implementation of project with museum's staffs at the regular intervals. Participators will have the opportunities of open workshop, academic discussion, Salon talk, other educational exchange activities, and the final exhibition.

For any questions about the Artist in Residence International Exchange Program, please contact:
LUXELAKES•A4 Art Museum Tel: +86 28 85761265
Address: LUXELAKES•A4 Art Museum, Luxelakes Art Exhibition Centre, Luxelakes, Tianfu New District, Chengdu, China.
Instagram: arie_a4artmuseum